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What is metal nanoparticle?


Small particles of metal (gold, silver, palladium, or platinum) with about 4 nanometer (1/billion meter) that are produced from those source metal.
Our patented technology has succeeded in realizing anti-bacterial, deodorizing, anti-viral effects of platinum nanoparticles, which has been used for various purposes including daily commodities and household goods.
It also has an antioxidative effect, which is involved in a variety of "beauty" products such as cosmetics, beauty-related items, and health‐care equipment, and it is being well received in the market.


■ What is metal nanoparticles?

We have performed research & development of metal nanoparticle solutions of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium; and as a result, we found nanoparticles have various effects.
Our cutting-edge technology became able to keep nano-sized particle. Then, after proceeding the research and development, we have finally established various effects of nanoparticles and can stabilize the ingredients of nanoparticle solutions.

Nanoparticles: Particle material with the size of 4 nanometer size (1 in 1 billion meters) that is produced from a material.


■"Excellent effects of platinum nanoparticles"

It mainly has anti-bacterial, deodorizing, anti-viral effects, effect for keeping freshness of foods, and antioxidative effect. Also, it can easily adhere to the surface of a variety of materials such as tile, plastic, metal, glass, and pottery and exrts its effects even in a dark place.

In addition, these effects are long-lasting.

With regard to fabrics, a laundry test with 50-time washing has proved that it still has anti-bacterial effect. On the walls of hospitals and schools, etc., on which the platinum nanoparticle solution was sprayed, anti-bacterial/deodorizing effects persist for more than two years.


Anti-bacterial/deodorizing effects

Anti-bacterial tests have proved that it has anti-bacterial effects against E coli., Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and MRSA.

Not masking odor with flavor, the platinum deodorizes it by decomposing odor components. It contains no flavor and is odorless.


The safety of platinum nanoparticles has already been confirmed in toxicity studies including oral toxicity test, patch test, skin irritation test, skin sensitization test, cytotoxicity test, and Ames test (to assess the mutagenic potential).
Platinum itself is approved as a food additive by the national authorities, which is also an advantage.


Effective against viruses

Not only prevents virus invasion, but also suppress the activities of virus themselves to inactivate them.
Highly effective against norovirus and influenza A that have currently been spread.
We have received many inquiries from various industries and fields.


Keeps freshness, and has antioxidative performance

The catalytic property of platinum eliminates active oxygen.
Unlike other existing antioxidative materials, platinum is highly effective against all active oxygen species and eliminates active oxygen semi-permanently as long as it is in the body.
It is used for cosmetics and supplements.