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What is Pt nano solution?

Platinum (Pt)

  Since platinum is a very stable metal, it has been used for ornaments, etc.
Nowadays, it is used as a catalyst of automobiles.

It is strongly resistant to acids.

Also, platinum itself is approved as a food additive by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, like gold, indicating that it can not be absorbed into the body after its intake.

Nano technology

Recently, nano technology has largely progressed, and it has a new potential for its usage in medical area and IT area, etc.

Pt nano溶液


Our cutting edge technology has succeeded in developing a platinum nanoparticle solution with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, deodorant and anti-oxidative effects, by adding citric acid as a protectant.

Effects and characteristics of Pt nano solution

Anti-bacterial/Deodorant effects

Several tests at certified testing institutions proved that our Pt nano solution has anti-bacterial effects against E. coli, S. aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and MRSA.

It exerts deodorant effect by decomposing odor components, not masking the odor.

Anti-viral effect

It exerts several viruses.

Not only preventing the entry of virues, but also suppressing the activities of viruses, and then inactivates them. It is expected to prevent Norovirus and Type A influenza.

Keeping freshness and anti-oxidative effect

Platinum has a scavenging effect against Reactive Oxigen Spiecies (ROS) by its catalytic effect. It has a wide variety of scavenging effect, exrting against all ROS, while Pt nano exsists inside the body.
It is also used in cosmetics and dietary supplements.


Its safety has been proved in several tests including Oral toxicity test, Skin patch test, Skin primary irritation test, Skin sensitization test, Cytotoxicity study, and Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay.

Platinum itself is approved as a food additive by the authorities.


Effects and characteristics of Pt nano solution


SEK Red Label Certification

SEK Red Mark (bacteriostatic treatment, for specified usage)

Certification Number: 58SA06

To obtain SEK Red Mark certification by Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council, anti-bacterial effect should be kept after 50 times laundries with 80 degrees C hot water, i.e., strict criteria.

Anti-bacterial test against Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and MRSA showed our platinum nanoparticle solution meets the criteria for anti-bacterial effect.


Differences between existing technologies

PTnano solution

Other platinum nanoparticle solutions

Manufactured at room temperature

Producing platinum nanoparticles is difficult and costs a lot.

No need to consider the binder, etc.

Needs to consider the binder for adsorbing

Needs less amount of raw materials

Need a certain amount of raw materials to obtain


Testing institution: Life Science Laboratories, Ltd. ※Testing institution designated by Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council

□ Oral toxicity test

    No toxicities at 2000 ㎎/kg or less were observed after 14 day observation.

□ Skin primary irritation test

  Not irritant

□ Skin sensitization test

  No skin sensitization

□ Cytotoxicity study

    No inhibition of cell growth

□ Skin patch test

  No irritation observed in all 20 subjects

□ Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay

  Negative for mutagenicity